Cheap trips in Serbia: How to travel for little money?

Wake up on a sunny Friday and the first thought that comes to your mind is – why not use this weekend for a trip or a weekend trip? We’ve all probably thought something like this at least once.

However, when it comes to the implementation of the plan, many recoil before the limited time to organize transportation, accommodation, activities, as well as the limited budget.

Whether it is a trip of two or ten days, it is possible to make an effective plan that will save you money and time. From economical transportation and apartments, all the way to the most affordable destinations, find out how you can travel cheaply in Serbia.

Plan to save – Tips for cheaper travel in Serbia

Overall, Serbia is not an expensive country, and trips through it can be organized at reasonable prices. However, it is desirable to know some tricks in order to get by as cheaply as possible and avoid unnecessary costs. Here are our suggestions for cheap travel in Serbia.

Student and pensioner discounts – Where they apply and how they are used

Students who study outside their hometown are probably already familiar with this, but it is good to remember the fact that they can get a discount on intercity transportation. Pensioners also have transport privileges, so both groups can travel through Serbia at lower prices, which can be a great financial relief, writes Bookaweb.

Bus transport – Bus transport is carried out by different carriers who, according to their rules, determine discounts for students and pensioners. Given that price adjustments are individual, some of them offer discounts of over 30%, while others do not have that option at all. Companies such as Autoprevoz Čačak, Niš Express, Lasta, Raketa and Kavim Raška offer discounts for students between 10% and 30%.

What is required is that you show one of the youth cards (EYCA, ISIC or student chip card) or an index with the current school year entered. As for pensioner discounts, they are somewhat higher, so the elderly can use transport at twice the standard prices. What you need to attach when buying tickets is your identity card together with your last pension check.

Railway transport – If traveling by train (at least as far as our railways go) is more interesting than the bus, you can take out the SRB PLUS card, which gives you discounts on ticket prices. Reduced prices for rail transport can be used by all young people up to 26 years old, people over 60 years old, as well as all adults.

The discount is 30% of the full price of the train ticket. You can use it for one year, after which it needs to be renewed. To make a card, you only need a personal document and a 2.5x3cm photo. The price of the card is 400 or 800 dinars, depending on which age group you belong to.

Vouchers for travel in Serbia – Are they worth it?

A few years ago, vouchers for holidays in Serbia appeared in Serbia, provided by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications. Vouchers in the amount of 15,000 dinars are distributed to certain groups of citizens, including pensioners, unemployed, students, people with disabilities and employees whose income does not exceed 70,000 dinars.

It is possible to use them for the cost of accommodation for at least five nights, as well as in catering establishments outside the place of residence. It is important to emphasize that the catering facility where you will use the voucher must be on the list of collaborators, which you can find on the Ministry’s official website.

However, the question is whether these vouchers really pay off. The answer is certainly yes, because any price reduction during the trip can be of great importance. Bearing in mind that you can find accommodation for as little as 2,000 dinars per night, the voucher will make a big difference in your travel expenses.

Coupons for cheap travel in Serbia

On the Internet vlo you can easily find and use some of the coupons for cheaper trips through Serbia. On sites such as Kupoman or KupiMe, the offer of active coupons is regularly updated, offering you a significant discount on accommodation in various destinations.

The offer varies from place to place, but generally discounts are offered on hotel and apartment accommodation with breakfast or half board. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across those with included use of the pool or sauna.

Prices can be up to 50% off, so this is a great way to save money. For shorter trips, of 2-3 nights, it is the perfect opportunity to get away from the city unplanned.

Booking and planning ahead

If you leave nothing to chance on your trip, planning ahead will save you from many unforeseen situations. In addition, it can save you a lot of money. Any accommodation and transportation booked in advance will be cheaper than if you do it today for tomorrow.

People sometimes book and prepare everything for the trip up to a month in advance, in order to secure the most favorable prices. Another factor to pay attention to when planning is the season.

If you are planning your trip during the peak season, don’t be surprised by the high prices. So, plan smart and ahead